Marine Primary School

I’m consulting on a project in Ocean View for Neighbourhood Farm where I’m guiding the implementation of a design for an edible and medicinal gardens. The aim is to expose learners to cultural and environmental experiences to enhance their appreciation, awareness and understanding of their environment within the school and the broader community.

Ocean View, Cape Town, was established in 1968 as a township for coloured people who had been forcibly removed from so called “white areas” such as Simon’s Town, Noordhoek, Red Hill, Glencairn by the apartheid government under the Group Areas Act. It was first called Slangkop and the first resident moved in 1 August 1968. It was named Ocean View, although the government had removed the residents from their previous seaside homes and views. As a result, its history is embedded in apartheid, and there is still much bitter resentment among many people.

Marine Primary School in Ocean View provides a happy and caring environment where learners are able to develop to their full potential. Their mission is to develop learners holistically to reach their full potential to become responsible, competent, independent, well-rounded citizens and life-long learners equipped to meet future challenges.

So far we have mapped out, dug and planted two swales and berms with indigenous local medicinal and food bearing plants. And we have prepared 13 composting ‘banana’ circles which will serve as an efficient way for us to collect as much organic matter as possible on-site while also producing foods such as sweet potatoes, bananas and papayas.