Firgrove Family Garden

An ecologically sound design and implementation of a residential garden for a family with very young children. The brief was for a low maintenance space that would also provide food for the household of 4 and addition staff members which vary between 2 to 4.

As the soils had been completely expose, the first order of business was to add copious amounts of decomposing organic matter to the beds, about 30cm thick.

We lines the walls with Granadillas, Jasmine and Japanese Honeysuckle. We then planted the border of the beds with Chamomile, Creeping Thyme and Carpet Geranium.

Behind this front border we planted Ajuga, Daisies, Tuberose, Pennywort, Snapdragons and various Salvia’s and Fuchsias.

Then behind that, a taller layer of Artichokes, Perennial Basil, Hydrangeas, Comfrey, Vetiver Grass, Cornflower, Cosmos, Artemesia, Lemon Verbena, interspersed with Kumquat and Plum trees.

When all the planting was complete we  mulched the beds with well aged wood chips

The aim was to bring the soil to life and to cover the entire soil surface with plants. Anything that get’s trimmed up in this garden is cut into smaller pieces and dropped on the beds.

The most significant aspect of this project for me was that they no longer remove organic matter from their growing spaces in the name of ‘neat & tidy’ but instead add to it, in the effort to keep feeding their soil. Their garden ‘waste’ no longer gets sent off the property to a landfill, but is added to their compost or directly applied to growing beds……..depending on how green it is.

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