My Garden Library

My growing collection of books:

A Field Guide to the Mushrooms of South Africa – H. Levin, M. Branch, S.Rappoport and D. Mitchell

The Herbal of the Count Palatine – Elizabeth Blackwell and George Dionysius Ehret

Coming Back to Earth – James Clarke

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic – Cindy Burke

Birds – Per Christiansen

Eco House Book – Terence Conran

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine – Baudar

The Ultimate Guide To Urban Farming – SP

Eat Dirt – Dr. Josh Axe

Seeds Of Hope – Jane Goodall

Jane’s Delicious A-Z of Vegetables – Jane Griffiths

Earth Matters – David de Rothschild

Landscape Design for the Home Owner – with Lynton Johnson

The Worm Book – Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor

The Garden Planner – Robin Williams

Growing Vegetables in South Africa – Capel Hemy

Exploring The Secrets of Nature – Readers’s Digest

Energy and Power – Miles Kelly

Water Features – Penny Swift and Janek Szymanowski

The Ultimate Garden Designer – Tim Newbury

A Celebration of Herbs for the South African Garden & Home – Barbara Hey

The Hamlyn Gardening Book

Cultivating Cannabis in the 21st Century – C.K Watson

Growing Marijuana – Tommy McCarthy

Gardening With Nature – Roy Trendler & Peter Chadwick

The Tale of Fergus Frog (A Story of Pond Life)

The Gardener’s Year – Peter McHoy

Your Gardening Questions Answered – Readers’s Digest

Worms Wiggle, Bugs Jiggle (Nature Rhymes and Verses)

Making A Garden – Matthew Wilson

Attracting Birds To Your Garden – Roy Trendler & Lex Hes

Greening The Kwazulu-Natal Midlands – Heather Borchers

Grow Into Gardening – Jeremey-Anne Hopkins and Rosemary Kilian

Gardeners Delight – John Seymour

Herbs and Spices – Hamlyn

A Garden For Children – Felicity Bryan

Companion Plants – Helen Philbrick and Richard B. Gregg

The Future Keepers – Unlocking The Secret of Seeds

Bookbinding at Home – K.Riberholt and A. Drastrup

Home Poultry Keeping – Dr Geoffrey Eley

Planning The Organic Herb Garden – Sue  Stickland

Starting With The Soil – Patricia Townsend

Planning The Organic Flower Garden – Sue Stickland

Patterns In The Garden – Howard Timmins

A Final Warning, The Vanishing Face of Gaia – James Lovelock

Gardening For Health And Nutrition – John & Helen Philbrick

Gardening With Birds in South Africa – Tom Spence

The Herbal Drugstore – Linda B. White, Steven Foster and Dr Ian Banks

Book Of Roses – Margaret Roberts

The Natural Garden Book (Gardening In Harmony With Nature) – Peter Harper, Jeremy Light and Chris Madsen

Where to from here? The herb grower’s guidebook – Karen Makin

A Child’s Garden – Reviva Schermbtucker

Medicinal Plants of South Africa – Ben-Erik van Wyk, Bosch van Oudtshoorn and Nigel Gericke

Organic Gardening Bible (Successful growing the natural way) – Bob Flowerdew

Integrated Forest Gardening (The complete guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems) – Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey and Bryce Ruddock

Food and Medicine Gardens (Permaculture for Primary Health Care)

Practical Permaculture – Jessi Bloom & Dave Boehnlein

The Ultimate Guide To Soil – Anna Hess

The Secret Life of Plants – Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird

Garden Design Workbook – John Brookes

The Complete Handbook of Bee-Keeping – Herbert Mace

A Potted History of Fruit – Darton

Garden Party – Roy Strong

Wild Iris Herbal Handbook – Sandy Mitchell

Outdoor Living – Thames & Hudson

The Water Garden – Anthony Paul & Yvonne Rees

Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants (A South African Guide) – Pitta Joffe

Blue Planet Run: The Race To Provide Safe Drinking Water To The World – Rick Smolan & Jennifer Erwitt

The Art of the Kitchen Garden – Ethne Clarke

The Gardener’s Planning Box: How to plan and plant the Perfect Garden – Peter McHoy (The Complete Garden Planning Book & Gardening In Small Spaces)

Barefoot Architect: A Handbook for Green Building – Johan van Lengen

The Gardener’s Folklore – Margaret Baker

Designing Your Ideal Garden – David Stevens

100 New Herbs – Margaret Roberts

The Ultimate Companion for Birding in South Africa (Volume 1 & 2) – Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

The Big Book for Growing Gardeners – A. Vogel

Healing Foods – Margaret Roberts

Problem Plants and Alien Weeds of South Africa – Clive Bromilow

Gardens to Inspire – Keith Kirsten

Mycelium Running – How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Create A Garden with Keith Kirsten

Garden Plants and Flowers – Keith Kirsten

Gardening with Keith Kirsten

Garden Workbook II Co-Creative Energy Processes for Gardening, Agriculture and Life – Machaelle Small Wright

Herbs – Ivo Pauwels & Gerty Christoffels

Jane’s Delicious Garden – Jane Griffiths

Earthwise, Environmental Crafts and Activities with Young Children – Carol Petrash

Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Handmade Home – DK

Grow It Cook It – DK

Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors

A South African Garden for All Seasons – Reader’s Digest

Water Gardening Ponds, PLants and How to Look After Them – Graham Clarke

The Organic Book of Compost – Pauline Pears

Indigenous Forests and Woodlands in South Africa Policy, People and Practice – M.J Lawes, H.A.C Eeley, C.M Shackleton and B.G.S Geach

Sappi Tree Spotting KwaZula-Natal and Eastern Cape

The South African Garden Designer – Hester Fourie

Health From God’s Garden – Maria Treben

My 100 Favourite Herbs – Margaret Roberts

100 Edible & Healing Flowers – Margaret Roberts

Companion Planting – Margaret Roberts

Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison

Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual – Bill Mollison

The New complete book of Self-sufficiency – John Seymour

Water Features for The Garden – Alan & Gill Bridgewater

Creating A Wildlife Garden – Bob & Liz Gibbons

Growing Bulbs in Southern Africa – Floris Barnhoorn

The Illustrated Herbal – Philippa Back

Made At Home – Dick & James Strawbridge

Grow Your Own for Kids – Mitchell Beazley

Worms Eat My Garbage – Mary Appelhof

Bicarbonate of Soda

Creating A Garden of The Senses – Jenny Hendy

Ponds & Fountains – Creative Homeowner

Book of Herbs – Margaret Roberts

A Grower’s Guide of Herbs

Gardening Manual – The Royal Horticulture Society

The Organic Classroom – SEED

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants – Andrew Chevallier

The Organic Gardener – Christine & Michael Lavelle

A Complete Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa – Johan Marais

A field Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa – Nature Lover’s Library

Filmer’s Spiders An Identification Guide for Southern Africa – Martin R. Filmer/ Norman Larsen

Sappi Birds of South Africa – Saartjie Kidson & Herman Van Niekerk

Garden Planning – Robin Williams

The a-Z of Vegetable Gardening in South Africa – Jack Hadfield

Rock Gardening – Duncan Lowe

Bring Nature Back To Your Garden – Charles & Julia Botha

Soapmaking – Alicia Grosso

Bring Butterflies Back To Your Garden – Charles & Julia Botha

EarthArtist – Jenny Louw

Slow Food Nation – Carlo Petrini

Feild Guide To Fynbos – John Manning

Herbs For Healing – Margaret Roberts

The Household Herbal – Christopher Robbins

Success with Hanging baskets and trailing plants –

A World Without Bees – Alison Benjamin & Brian MacCallum

Bees & Honey From Flower To Jar – Michael Weiler

Success With Wild Flowers & Plants – Julain Slatcher

Bees and Mankind – John B. Free

The Bee Book

Biodynamic Gardening

A Slice of Organic Life – Sheherazade Goldsmith

Ultimate Tree Houses

Frog – Thomas Marent