Cocoa Rehabilitation in PNG

This research project is currently my main project. It follows our life changing family trip to my partners’ homeland of Papua New Guinea in December 2017.

During our visit, we met and spoke with some of the isolated cacao farmers in the East Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea who depend on cocoa for their livelihood. For some it’s the only means to access life-saving medicine and education for themselves and their family.

Over the last 4 years cocoa production has been devastated by cocoa pod borer and have depleted almost all natural stock. The pest damages cocoa, causing significant yield loss. This damage makes the processing of cocoa pods difficult and significantly reduces cocoa bean quality.

It is our intention to set up an independent non-profit educational and research center with a beneficial plants nursery and a cocoa bud-wood garden by mid-2021.

Should you wish to be involved or assist with this project, please don’t hesitate to connect.


Jacqueline Edmiston