As Permaculture is a word that defines the care for our Earth (of which we are all custodians) and all the living creatures that depend on her, it is imperative that we challenge social norms and bring awareness to ourselves, the people around us regarding matters that impact our health and that of our Earth.

The only way to work with this is to look at clean renewable energy that we can capture from the wind or sun and to no longer invest in harming practices such as coal mining and use, deadly nuclear energy and oil drilling and procurement. For a long time now, we haven’t been able to afford the devastation of the Earth’s natural resources.  Below are causes that I’m actively involved in. They are close to home.

No to Electromagnetic Radiation:

I advocate for no cell towers in or near residential areas, schools, delicate eco-systems (like our bees), hospitals or near places where vulnerable, like the young and old live or play.

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No to Nuclear Energy:

Our South African government has signed a deal with Russia to procure 6 nuclear plants, which will not only put South Africa in unrecoverable debt, but also carried tremendous risk to South Africans and our delicate eco-systems of unique animal and plant live.

The trillion rand that this will cost the South African taxpayer, could home 69 000 homeless families, upgrade or build 69 000 schools, fund renewable energy programmes for a lifetime, fund 2 million tertiary students for a period of 5 years, buy 5 billion pairs of shoes for underprivileged school children, adequate safe house for women and children in every South African province.

Our president Jacob Zuma is corrupt. He has already been paid out millions for this deal and has a vested interest to ensure that it gets pushed through regardless of public outcry.

No Monsanto and GMO:

It’s always been my belief that God gave us food in it’s most natural and most purest form, full of life giving abundance and nourishment. I’m wholeheartedly against the unnatural manipulation of anything, especially the food that I eat and feed my family. I am devastated by the harm that the unnatural manipulation of food systems are causing irreversible damage to ecosystems, our waters, our environment, our soil and our bodies.