Tennis Court to Food Forest

This project started in 2018 with a barren tennis court. Now, just over two years later it’s a thriving little ecosystem of food and animals.

We lifted this tennis court and invested a lot of time collecting an array of free organic matter such as coffee grinds, vegetable & fruit market waste, landscapers organic matter and grass cuttings from neighbors. We did this for a year and composted these materials using an easy composting system called banana circles. We planted the berms of these composting circles with bananas, sweet potatoes, vetiver and comfrey.

Amongst being able to harvest their own plant medicines, fruits and  eggs, Katy and Manu are now reaping their first banana harvest, which is prolific.

The banana fruit and additional plants and sweet potatoes will be sold to offset the cost of buying mature fruit trees which will eventually be planted into these prepared, mature covered/closed-up composting pits.

Katy has finally taken the plunge and is now doing her PDC online with Geoff Lawton and intends on turning her little urban farm into a community and education project.

To get involved with Katy’s project, pop her an email:

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