Ecobricks turn what we see as waste into a valuable resource. 1 000 ecobricks – can remove about 500kg of non-recyclable waste from landfill.

But what is an ecobrick? Ecobricks are a dead simple way to turn your waste into green construction material and keep it out of our ocean and landfills. It’s a plastic bottle packed tightly with non-biodegradable waste. These bottles are then used as building materials to create sustainable homes, schools and furniture.

How to stuff your ecobrick

  • To be safe, make sure your ecobrick weighs 500g or more.
  1. Identify materials that are not compostable or recyclable by your local recycling facility
  2. Clean any dirty items by using leftover dishwashing water and leave to dry
  3. Stuff your clean and dry materials into any size or shape plsatic bottle
  4. Compress it as tightly as you can with a stick – NB, this is very important!
  5. Keep doing this until you’ve got a bottle that is as hard as a brick – we will be squeezing your ecobrick to make sure it’s properly packed! If we can squeeze it, we can’t accept it.
  6. Set yourself goals to phase out these items until you don’t need to use the ecobrick anymore!

Get stuffing!


Remember, no biodegradable and no compostables, no food, ONLY things that can’t go to recycling.

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