East African Permaculture Convergence, Uganda

28 -29 May, 2018

I’ll be away for two weeks in May attending the 1st Permaculture East African Mini Convergence.

The East African Permaculture Convergence is a 2 day conference bringing together practitioners and interested parties from across East Africa to highlight and explore the potentials for permaculture education and project development in the region.

We invite policy makers, budget heads, head teachers strategic planners, NGO heads etc. to meet leading permaculture teachers and practitioners and enablers at this ground breaking event.

Permaculture addresses climate change justice, food security, education for enterprise development and offers a powerful tool kit to all environment sector based organisations, community workers and scholars of natural resources and agriculture.

We will discuss Permaculture’s relevance to key local community, national and global efforts and how to make contributions using Permaculture  more effective.

Day one: (28th May) Permaculture best practice and potentials, a showcase for what permaculture can offer- this is your chance to find out more about permaculture and how and it can be relevant to your sectoral interest.

Day two: (29th May) Delivering on the potentials – day for teachers and practitioners, we are planning the launch of the Permaculture Academy for on going teacher education and also plotting the pathway for Africa (joint Africa bid) to host the 2021 International Permaculture Convergence. ( a bi- annual global permaculture conference)

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Permaculture in  Town, South Africa

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  1. Mukisa Martha says:

    Can I please know the venue

    1. Jacqueline Edmiston says:

      The organisers have said that they will make contact with you.

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