Natural Bee Keeping Course

Yesterday my children, Sarah (11 years old), Troy (9 years old) and I attending a great Natural Bee Keeping Course with Guy Goode
The course outline covered:
Bee Biology
Apiary Equipment
Swarming and catching swarms
Making bee hive boxes and frames
Signs of a healthy colony
Honey extraction
It covered everything to get started, from setting up a hive through to the bottling process.
At the end we got to remove 2 frames which Sarah and Troy got to spin. We went home with a jar of wax and a jar of delicious honey.
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  1. neville says:

    im in love with all you are and do. where are you situated ?

    1. Jacqueline Edmiston says:

      Thank you Neville. I’m in Bergvliet, Cape Towm, South Africa ( :

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