25 March – 2 April

Upcoming Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

This internationally accredited course will equip you with the awareness and tools to design any farm, small holding or homestead.

Course material will cover:

Various systems to harvest and filter water:
Drinking water
How to build a sand filter
Grey water systems
Banana circles
Hot water systems
Storing water
The construction and considerations for dams and ponds, gabions, check dams and silt traps
Irrigation and pumps
Swales – the marking/planning out of, construction and the functions of swales

The benefits and considerations of various animals:
Chickens, geese and ducks
Black soldier fly and mealworms
Composting worms
Wildlife integration
Bees and other pollinators
Attracting beneficial insects and animals, such as ladybirds, owls and bats
Holistic management
Cell grazing
Living fences
Bio digesters
Supportive animal feed and housing systems

Growing food and supportive systems to build up soil nutritious:
Nursery skills and propagation
Tree pans and net ‘n pan systems
Market gardens
Designing and growing windbreaks
How to build up a food forest
How to carefully save and store your seeds
The multiple uses for Bamboo
Companion planting for plant resilience and pest management
The importance of having a Mother Bed
Alien plant eradication
Various composting methods and liquid manure
Soil analysis
Planting green manures
Medicinal and culinary flowers, plants and herbs
Wild foraging

Alternative energy:
Rocket stove construction

And more:
Recycling systems and functions
Composting toilets
Biodegradable hygiene and cleaning products

The profits from this course will be used on a local outreach project, St Michael’s Children’s Home for teenage girls, where I am currently running a Permaculture educational program and implementing a food garden.

There are only a few places left on this course. If you are committed and would like to secure your place, please call me Jacqueline on 021 712 9908

Presented by Hope Foundation and Inspire Permaculture.

To book, contact Jacqueline:


021 712 9908

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