The Crazy Daisies – Edible & Useful Plants Nursery

My 11 year old daughter Sarah has been propagating and growing plants at home and has decided to start her own little nursery market.

Payment options: Cash and SnapScan

Pennyroyal R24.25 6pack
Rocket Sweet R22.00 6pack
Bulbine Orange R15.00 12cm
Bulbine Yellow R15.00 12cm
Tulbaghia violacea R10.00 slip
Tulbaghia Silver Lace R10.00 slip
Marjoram R19.50 12cm
Mint round leaf R19.50 12cm
Origanum Gold R19.50 12cm
Rosemary ‘McConnell’s Blue’ R32.50 15cm
Ajuga Mahogany R24.50 15cm
Olive ‘Coratina’ R175.00 10L
Composting Worms R30.00 30 worms
Compost R75.00 10kg
Moringa Seeds R10.00 6 per pack
Organic Green Pea Seeds R10.00 20 per pack
Organic Sunflower Seeds (Non-GMO & local) R10.00 20 per pack
Bay leaves R5.00 5 per bunch
Organic Lemons R26.00 1kg
Seed potatoes R5.00 per potatoe
Fresh cut flowers R25.00 per bunch
Spring water free
Organic free-range Duck Eggs R3.00 per egg
Grow to Live: A Simple Guide to Growing Your Own Good, Clean Food by Book by Pat Featherstone R280.00 per book

Her website is

Contact number: 021 712 9908