Celebrating Autumn - News & Workshops

April Edition Vol.1


I love autumn, don’t we all? It’s 'that' time of year when the weather promises introspection and rest as the days get discernibly cooler and the nights noticeably longer.

Autumn heralds the transition into the cold, dark and desolate winter months, and the natural world puts on a final flurry of amazing activity before slowing down until the warmer sunshine of spring returns. I have a few workshops and events planned for these upcoming months. I invite you to come be a part of this worldwide movement to be more conscious of our impact on the world around us and to equip ourselves and others with the tools to rehabilitate our environment and to educate and share with others while doing so. 

Thank you for opening this newsletter and for taking the time and interest in my work.

Love and warmth, Jacqueline Edmiston


Practical Permaculture Institute, East Africa

In April we had the opportunity to visit Franko and Bernadette at the Practical Permaculture Institute Fumba Town, Zanzibar.

They welcomed us and walked us through the diverse development that they are contracted on and shared their on-the-ground  projects that they are engaged with for the local communities.

Their mission is to introduce Permaculture education throughout Zanzibar and eventually East Africa. We aim to teach young entrepreneurs, farmers, land owners, gardeners, politicians and teachers in practical, hands-on Permaculture skills -- to promote food and water security and to ensure dynamic economic development.

I plan to assist them with one or two of their future projects and to possible do come community training for them when the need arises.


Cocoa Rehabilitation in Papua New Guinea

My husband I traveled in to his 'homeland' of Papua New Guinea in December to not only visit his village family, but to also take in medical supplies and assistance and to investigate the decline of their cocoa production in the East Sepik Region.

We were there for just under a month and listened to many stories of how the local river people have lost their livelihood as coca borer beetle has destroyed their once prosperous cocoa crops. The solution that local authorities have instituted in areas where they have had easy access, (mostly coastal regions and areas with road access) has been to treat the beetle with broad-scale insecticides, which not only pollutes these indigenous villages natural water sources, but also affects the delicate and unique fauna and rain-forest ecosystem.

We are drafting a proposal implementation and funding to start a pilot project in the East Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea with the intention of implementing it throughout the region and the through to other Cocoa producing regions of Africa


1st Permaculture East African Mini Convergence

28 -29 May, Uganda

I'm taking some time off in may to attend this conference in Uganda.

The East African Permaculture Convergence is a 2 day conference bringing together practitioners and interested parties from across East Africa to highlight and explore the potentials for permaculture education and project development in the region. 

We invite policy makers, budget heads, head teachers strategic planners, NGO heads etc. to meet leading permaculture teachers and practitioners and enablers at this ground breaking event. 

Permaculture addresses climate change justice, food security, education for enterprise development and offers a powerful tool kit to all environment sector based organisations, community workers and scholars of natural resources and agriculture. 

We will discuss permaculture's relevance to key local community, national and global efforts and how to make contributions using permaculture  more effective. 

Day one: (28th May) Permaculture best practice and potentials, a showcase for what permaculture can offer- this is your chance to find out more about permaculture and how and it can be relevant to your sectoral interest.

Day two: (29th May) Delivering on the potentials - day for teachers and practitioners, we are planning the launch of the Permaculture Academy for on going teacher education and also plotting the pathway for Africa (joint Africa bid) to host the 2021 International Permaculture Convergence. ( a bi- annual global permaculture conference)

All Interested partners are welcome, sponsors, donors , beneficiaries. You can be volunteer or sponsor a community scholar – officer, your staff to participate in the convergence or donate to the organizers in making the event better and colorful.  


Medical Relief for Papua New Guinea

As part of our trip that we did in December, we took in medical supplies and with my limited experience and medical knowledge, I ran a clinic for the local villagers twice a day, daily.

I took in a range of medical supplies ranging from suture kits ad wound cleaning & treatments paraphernalia to homeopathics for malaria, toothache.

I have my level 3 in First Aid which has expired (needs to be renewed every 3 years). In preparation for our work in Papua New Guinea, I will be redoing all three levels in the next month or so as well as an advanced course in community health care and infectious diseases.

Image: Jacqueline bracing Agatha's broken arm with splints made from foraged bamboo and a bandage that I had in my medical pack.


Seaweed Farming Community Project

Zanzibar, Tanzania

We visited an icredible project in Paje where the Seaweed Center runs a social responsible initiative that provides over 40 female seaweed farmers in with an opportunity to better their lives and benefit their community. The project oversees farms on the Paje Beach, a gathering site for seaweed processing as well as a seaweed products factory located approximately 1 hour drive from Stone Town. 

The factory produces soaps, creams and other treatment scrubs from seaweed flavored with other organic ingredients such as Lang Lang that are currently sold locally to the villagers around, to the neaighbouring tourist hotels, in Stone Town and slowly beginning to be distributed around East Africa.

We had the rare opportunity to experience the daily life of a seaweed farming woman, the facilities and the capacity building activities that the Center provides. We were invited to go out to the beach farms to plant, tender or harvest seaweed for a hand-ons experience on ocean agriculture which is an important economic activity for many women living on Zanzibar's East and Southern Coast line. 

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Composting & Waste Management Workshop

21 April 2018

Composting & Waste Management Workshop

Make compost, Make a worm Tower and Make Your Household Waste into a Resource Each and every on of us should feel wholeheartedly responsible for what we consume and the waste we produce through our daily living. Every single choice we make had a long lasting effect on the planet, our home. Come join us for the day and let's …

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Planting Calendar & Seed Saving Workshop

22 April 2018

Planting Calendar & Seed Saving Workshop

Well a seed saving you say? Yes! With the next planting season coming in, its time to sort our seeds and and prepare our beds for our Autumn planting. Nature is incredible! She provided exactly what we need when we need it. This is so true for the the foods that grow in the various seasons. Come join me for …

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