Great Compost in 18 Days

This 18-day compost system is an easy and efficient way to produce nutrient rich food for your garden.  With consistent effort and careful monitoring you’ll have some really great homemade compost.

What you will need:

  • a garden fork
  • enough compostable material to create a pile 1.5m high and 1m in diameter (made up of 1/3 a variety of collected animal manures such as chickens, game, cows, bats ect make sure that the manure comes from animals that have not received routine antibiotics or a recent deworming and 2/3 carbon rich materials such as wood ash, cardboard, fruit and vegetable waste, leaves, newspaper, peanut shells, coffee grounds and straw. Make sure that you use small pieces so that it makes turning easy to do.
  • water
  • a compost activator (blood, bone, urine, a dead animal or molasses and comfrey)

Day 1:

Make sure that your carbon pieces are no bigger than 5cm. Saturate the pile with water as you mix the manure, comfrey and other activator/s and the carbon materials together.

Day 4:

Turn the pile to aerate it and repeat this every 2nd day. Add water as necessary.


If it’s going to rain, cover your pile with some black plastic to regulate the amount of moisture.

By day 8 your compost heap should be between 55-65ºC. I use my candy thermometer to check this.



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